Ekria Unearthed

Chapter 5: Kalarel, disciple of Orcus

As the playeres prepare to face Kalarel, he screams at them: “You fools! You will never slay me! Lord Orcus guides my hand! I shall destroy you!”.

A great battle takes place. Kazuki moves quickly, wasting no time on diplomacy. His reaping strike strikes Kalarel, quickly bringing the battle to a start. Mid battle, Standard manages a critical strike against the dark mage. With his new found wound, Kalarel fights with new determination and desperation, and a great portal opens in a far corner of the room. From this portal comes dark, arcane tentacles. They sweep and strike at the party, but despite the efforts of both the portal and Kalarel, the dark spellcaster is eventually brought swift justice thanks to a devestating bow shot from Mai’yr. As the evil sorcerer falls, he screams at the party in defeat: “This is not over, fools! Lord Orcus will take this plane, regardless of your victory here this day!”.

As Kel Mar is about to deal the final blow to Kalarel, a great tentacle shoots our from the portal, taking Kalarel in it’s grasp and whipping him into the portal. Quickly after the great portal closes, and the party is left in an empty chamber with only the corpses of those they had previously slain. Kel Mar is furious at not being able to deliver death to the murderer of his family, and has somewhat of a breakdown in the large chamber. He hacks at one of the large stone statues with his sword, until he is finally calmed by the party.

With Kalarel defeated and his demise apparent, they return to Winterhaven. The party comes out primarily unscathed, with the exception of Standard, who was dealt a heavy blow during the battle. While the party had managed to stabilize him during the battle, his body would require serious repairs later.

Valthrun welcomes the group back to Winterhaven, and is quickly introduced to Mai’yr and Ryn. The group is also quickly met by Lord Padraig at the gate. Padraig quickly and publicly announces how he heroically sent his best mercenaries to save the day. Despite Padraig’s pagentry, the townspeople are in no way confused as to who are the heroes. The townspeople start preparing for a great festival that night, whilst the party decides to get some rest at the Inn.



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