Kazuki Kazama, Champion of Winterhaven

A Human Fighter


Hit Points: 41 Ability Scores: Str: 18 (+4) Con: 14 (+2) Dex: 12 (+1) Int: 11 (+0) Wis: 13 (+1) Cha: 10 (+0)

Skills: Athletics: 9 Endurance: 8 Heal: 7 Streetwise: 6

Initiative: 6

Armor Class: 18 Fortitude Defense: 18 Reflex Defense: 13 Will Defense: 13


Born into high society to parents he has long since forced himself to forget, Kazuki was the product of the Lady of the mansion and one of the many servants. Revealed at birth by being born with one red eye and one blue, despite the Lord and Lady’s eyes both being red.

Kazuki spent most of his younger years denied of public outings and the luxuries his brothers and sister were adorned with. Peering out of his window one day; he saw his non biological father, the Lord, praising one of his brothers for his swordsmanship skills. Thinking he could win his parents love and approval he spent 2 years in secret developing his skills in an advanced form of sword play. Reading about the sword forms during the day and practicing under the cover of darkness.

When Kazuki was around 10, he approached the Lord of the house in his study, late at night. He began a demonstration of his skills. It was flawless; the moves perfect, and his precision exact. The lord watched in amazement… but more so he watched with anger. For all he saw was that blue eye. None of the Lord’s own sons had this skill, and it infuriated him. When Kazuki finished, he looked up in expectation, hoping for praise or approval. The Lord reached forward, the boy froze with anticipation… then all he felt was the hand of the man he called Father tearing out his blue eye. He fell to the ground; and there were no tears. Shooting up a glance and the shadowy figure standing over him, in his mind he cut all ties and and ran. There were no calls to stop, no shouts for him to turn around, he just ran gripping his sword, and bleeding face, tightly.

In the back alleys of the long forgotten capitol city of his birth he quickly was noticed for his sword skills by a group of outcasts that had banded together in order to survive. Despite being obviously rattled and in need of medical attention and a wash, the outlaws took Kazuki, treating him as on of their own. He quickly learnt how to “acquire” food from the local merchants and through the groups various miss-adventures he befriended many of them quickly.

Instead of brooding on his past experiences he focused on his new lawless life. The come-and-go environment gave him a very easy going, carefree outlook on life that he’d never had before. He adapted an attitude of ‘You have to take the good with the bad’.

As well as his attitude, his personal skills continued to grow, dodging the guards that were constantly in pursuit became a part of life, the constant game of cat-and-mouse developed a strong sense of pacing, speed; and quick judgement.

Stealing merchant supplies was one thing, but Kazuki was not evil – he refused to kill the guards, or injure anyone unnecessarily. This lead to him using his sword as a means to injure the guards and not to kill them. Because of this, his blows became swift and accurate. He also learned the way the streets work, who to look out for and what are potential points of interest around him. It wasn’t long before his new friends gave him the push to find a master to truly hone his sword skills. At age 18, with the confidence of his outlaw friends bestowed on him he set out to find his master and leave his old life behind him by making a name for him self as a skilled swordsman.

After traveling around Kazuki made it to Master Brael’s training academy in Maelstraen. There he met Bamelias A’lix a fellow student and although Kazuki was a little more developed with his sword skills they quickly bonded. Over A year into the training, Kazuki now 21 and his sword play greatly improved, he was called into the training hall for testing by Master Brael, but before they could conclude Maelstraen was assaulted by an unknown group, following Master Brael’s advice Kazuki fled via a secret cave out of the training hall and into the fields well on the outskirts of town. There he happened upon Bamelias A’lix. The two quickly got their bearings and headed for the nearest town.

Name: Kazuki

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Height: 6”4

Eyes: One red

Hair: Long and Black

Weapon: Great sword lightened for speed

Style: Lightning quick strikes, directly from the scabbard, followed by a quick re sheathing.

Kazuki Kazama, Champion of Winterhaven

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