Kel Mar Geran

a Eladrin Swordmage


Kel’s life was a simple one; he was raised in the feywild, in a High Elf community called “Leafed Spire”, so called because of the trees in the centre of the forest that resembled a gigantic tower from a human city then the forest that it was meant to be.

Kel, in appearance, was your typical Eladrin: Blonde, beautiful, tall and very intelligent. In attitude it was as if he was from another race all together. He had none of the ideas and prejudice that his kind harboured for the other races of the realms such as Humans, Dwarves and even Drow. He believed that these peoples should be judged on their character not because of what people they came from. He also had a fun-loving demeanour, smiling and joking more than any respectable Eladrin should.

These ideals and aspects of his personality outcast him from most all his kinsmen but it court the attention of one man in particular. It was here, in Leafed Spire, that Kel met Master Brael, one of the few humans privileged to live with the Elves, and who saw the potential Kel had. Brael taught Kel the arcane art of sword magic.

Kel studied for two decades with master Brael showing remarkable patience, even for being Elfkind. The two of them, for a time, travelled around the Feywild protecting what needed to be protected. Kel assisted where he could, but was still just an apprentice. Finally their adventures led them out of the Feywild, to the Natural World, and eventually to the town of Maelstraen, where Brael informs Kel that there is no more that he can teach him and that Kel must go out on his own and earn a name for himself.

Kel travelled for a few months until he found a small village called ‘Cavel’ being terrorized by kobolds and goblins. Kel protected the village and was thereafter welcomed in and given the job of Justicar.

Kel hadn’t lived in Cavel long before a young human woman caught his attention named Salyara. After a year they married, even with Kel’s secret fear of having to watch her grow old and die while he remained youthful.

the years passed peacefully enough. The gobliniods still attacked from time to time but the militia that Kel had assembled and trained could handle them easily enough. Kel and Salyara had had a child named Valenae after Kel’s mother.

On a particularly beautiful day Kel received word that his old master had opened a training school in Maelstraen, just after the two had parted and was now invited back to meet a student that showed great promise according to Brael.

Kel was soon on the road, hating the fact that he had to leave his family behind. He would constantly look over his shoulder in the direction of Cavel.

Half way through his second day of travel, Kel looked over his shoulder to see a pillar of black smoke rise from the horizon where Cavel should be. Knowing it was too much smoke to be anything innocent, Kel sped back as fast as he could towards Cavel.

To his horror, he found his wife and child dead. The town had been burned to the ground.

After he had buried his family, he set out for answers. The evidence pointed him to the goblins that live in the area but what he found made him even more angry. He had killed all of those that he could find and on the body of their leader was a letter instructing the goblins to destroy Cavel, signed by the name ‘Kalarel’.

Kel decided that he needed his masters help for this quest, so he set out once again for Maelstraen. It took him just under two weeks to get there, and in that time Kel was so overcome by thoughts of anger and revenge that his appearance began to change. No longer did he have his long beautiful golden hair that was so common to Elfkind; it had turned black like ash. His bright eyes turned just as dark as his hair. It angered him even more that when he arrived at Maelstraen it was destroyed too. Kel knew this was no coincidence.

With nothing left for him at Maelstraen, he set out along Kings Road towards Winterhaven, hoping to find answers there.

Kel Mar Geran

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