Shadowfell Keep



Common knowledge around "Winterhaven ": that the Keep on the Shadowfell (More commonly referred to as Shadowfell Keep) was once a site of great evil magic, that was stopped by a group of powerful adventurers, hundreds of years ago.

Now, it is thought to be a site for brigands and monsters to hide from the rest of the world, rarely venturing out to raid villages or attack merchants. Nobody really knows what’s going on there, but there’s no doubt that people are up to no good.

Notable Events

Only recently, the group of "Maelstraen ": found compelling information linking the "Maelstraen ": to a man named Kalarel, who’s own soldiers have said is based in the keep.

The information that the group has gathered indicates that "Kalarel ": attempting to open some kind of ‘Rift’, which according to "Valthrun ": allow legions of undead soldiers to pour through the rift into the world.

Rumor or not, there is something going on at Shadowfell Keep, and the attack on "Maelstraen ": involved.

Shadowfell Keep

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