Valthrun's Tower


Valthrun’s Tower has been standing tall in "Winterhaven ": as long as anyone can remember. Previosly, the tower has been home to many magi and scholars over the years. Six stories tall, the tower is the highest part of Winterhaven and can be seen from as far as Shadowfell Keep.

Notable Events

After meeting the adventurers from "Maelstraen ": realizing they planned to try and stop Kalarel, "Valthrun ": to his tower with hopes of crafting something that would help the party in their quest.

He created a set of magical stones that allowed the party to teleport back to the tower. The stones need a day to recharge their magical energy, and they can only be used when they’re all together. Since the party now has this ability, "Valthrun ": also converted the fourth floor of the tower into a meeting room for the group, complete with bedding and food available. "Bamelias ": also taken up residence in the tower, hoping to study the arcane arts.

Valthrun's Tower

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