Winterhaven is a small town with approximately 1500 residents. It is built into the foothills of the Cairngorm peaks, and surrounded by strong stone walls on all sides. A local militia, and a warriors guild, protect the town. It is the local hub for all trade. With the exception of local merchants, most of the residents of Winterhaven have never left the town. Because of this, visitors are welcomed and often received with much attention.

The town is led by Lord Padraig. "Padraig ": well respected by the people and is a popular ruler. Lately he has been losing favour, however, as local Kobold and Bandit attacks, particularly on the King’s Road, have been blamed on his failure to mount a defence.

Winterhaven also houses Valthrun’s Tower, a large stone spire located in the western end of the town. In the tower, "Valthrun ": Prescient; the local sage, studies the various going-ons of the area. He is also rumoured to practice various arcane rituals there, and will sell such services to some of the more trusted village members.

Notable Events

Winterhaven recently recieved a small group of refugee’s coming from the now-destroyed town of Maelstraen. While a human and an eladrin don’t draw much attention, the rumor of the town is that a Warforged is among their party.

Those rumors were only further encouraged when word came that this band of refugee’s had cleared the nearby Kobold Lair, freeing up the King’s Road for merchants and travellers, and making Winterhaven safer overall. The villagers will be on the lookout for this band of adventurers.

It has become widely known that Lord Padraig commissioned the adventurers to clear out the Kobold Lair, and thus Padraig has managed to reassert his favourable political position.


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