Ekria Unearthed

Chapter 4: Depths of Shadowfell

It didn’t take long for the adventurers to discover a massive chamber deep within the keep. In the center of the massive hall, a large square funnel sits, being fed a deep red liquid from large funnels around the room.

At the far end of the chamber was a man dressed in the robes of an Orcus Cultist. Kel Mar presumed the man to be Kalarel. Enraged by grief of his family’s murder, he rushed to attack, springing an ambush set by Kalarel’s men.

The party managed to defeat most of the ambush. One of the half-orc ambushers was pushed down the funnel in the center of the room. After dispatching the ambushers and the priest, the group realized the liquid going down the funnel was in fact blood.

Having explored the remainder of the second floor, they knew that down was the only way. Kazuki took the first jump, dropping down the hole into a large pool of blood. To his suprise, Kazuki found that the blood almost instantly healed the wounds he had recieved in combat.

As soon as Kazuki landed in the blood pool, many torches lit up around the chamber he was now in. It was roughly the same size and layout of the first, with a similar altar at one end of the chamber. A few more of the party lept down into the lower chamber and fought off the various guards. After dispatching their enemies (Including the warrior they had previously knocked down the into the room), they turned to fight the last remaining man in the room – a robed man with an Orcus staff…



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