Ekria Unearthed

Chapter 6: The Festival

That night, following a sober toast to honour the fallen citizens of Maelstraen, and Kel Mar’s family, the group proceeds to the festival in celebration to them. Much to Kazuki’s delight, Bamelias decides to join them in the festivities, which gives the old friends a chance to talk and catch up.

The festival encompasses the entire town, with great fireworks shooting into the sky and practically all the villagers celebrating their new found safety.

The first game the party plays is called Monster Mash. The players draw cards from a deck, and hope to draw a powerful monster card. If their card beats what the dealer draws, they win. Kazuki managed to win it on his first turn, and won 10 festival tokens.

The party next visit a stall being run by Salvana Rafton, the inn owner that Kazuki, Standard and Kel Mar had met before. She runs a game called the ‘Dice Roll Game’. A dwarf nearby calls it ‘Blackjack’, but Salvana insists that’s a stupid name. The players roll dice with the objective of getting the number ‘21’ cumulatively. Ryn, Standard, and Kazuki all manage a win, while Kel Mar wins twice before the group moves on.

Next up, the group visits a strength-tester game run by a burly dwarf. They must hit a target with a mallet hard enough to hit the target strong enough to ring a bell. Kazuki and Ryn make attempts but unfortunately fail to succeed. Standard trips and falls onto the target, inadvertently winning the game for himself.

The group is then faced with a dance contest. Knowing that they are not the most graceful group of adventurers, they first hope to somehow disguise themselves as judges. Realizing this is unlikely to work, they decide to give dancing a shot regardless.

The dance contest is run by a large lady called Dosie O’Ronnel. She’s extremely large.

Kazuki takes the first shot, and tries to do what he calls a ‘Standard’ dance. It’s completely rubbish, and he is gains only three of a possible forty points.

Showing uncharacteristic grace and strength, the group manages to not only form a pyramid, but then have Standard dancing on top of the pyramid. The decimate the scoring system, winning the dance contest outright.

As they leave the dance contest, a young man covered in ash and gunpowder runs to the group. “Please, heroes of Shadowfell, we have run out of fireworks! Can you help us make some sort of display while my sister runs to get more fireworks!?”. After deciding it would be dishonerable to mug the child, Kel Mar and Ryn cast some magic into the sky. Ryn also convinces the young man to give him schematics for fireworks. The young man gives Ryn some prize tokens for his help, and they move on.

They next manage to sneak Ryn Turwinkle into a childrens footrace. Rather than win the race through Ryn’s natural speed, they decide to use Kel Mar’s magic to cheat their way to win the race. Luckily for them, nobody notices their trickery, and Ryn manages to gain another 15 tokens.

A farmer approaches Mai’yr and asks him if he’d be interested in entering Bael into a Boar contest. Mai’yr agrees, and wins the Boar contest easily. Although the farmer offers a large sum of money for Bael, Mai’yr strongly declines his offer.

Next up, Kazuki and Kel Mar enter themselves in a Bachelor sale. Unfortunately, Kazuki’s complete lack of any charisma, and lack of depth…perception…means he was unable to succeed. Mai’yr and Kel Mar have better luck however, winning tokens due to their Elven looks.

Standard uses his immense wait and lack of bouyancy to win the diving contest in record time. Following that, Ryn shows her skills with pressure points after quickly dispatching ‘The Grappling Goliath’ in a wrestling contest.

Finally the group takes part in a rock hurling contest. The heroes are tasked with throwing a giant boulder further than the host himself. Standard manages to win the competition.

Shortly after the rock throwing competition, an announcement is made from the center stage that the heroes must enter an elimination tournament against each other to fight for the title of ‘Champion of Winterhaven’.

The tournament progresses quickly, and Kazuki manages to win, earning himself the title “Champion of Winterhaven”.

As champion, Kazuki is given a small mansion inside Winterhaven, which he naturally shares with the group. He is also having a suit of armour crafted by the town blacksmith, either for himself or whoever he chooses to gift it to.

The group returns to the Inn to rest for the night, as the mansion is not yet prepared. Inside his room, Kazuki finds a letter. It is unsigned by anyone and reads “Maelstraen was just the beginning.”

End of Act 1



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