His Birth name was forgotten through time by himself and his hometown, but Mai’yr was the name given to him at later stages of his life as local lore & legend.

Mai’yr fled his village and chose to live in the a forest south of Maelstrean after a horrible tragedy occured at the age of six. He and his family were caught in a mysterious fire in their home, with only him making it out alive, but unoticed by the villagers. His features hideously burned in the process, and with no family, he hastily left in an act of panic. Presumed dead, and now emotionally distraught from his own parents gruesome death, he seeked shelter in the tall trees of the local forest where he played often and knew well, and could be far away from the memories that haunt him.

With no intention of speaking to mankind, he grew introverted and solem in his day to day survival, finding resolution & peace by absorbing the way of nature and its cycles and ways of life. Through an almost ritualistic feat of the forest accepting this act of observation, Mai’yr quickly came to befriend animals of the forest who would take him in, learning their ways and how they survive, thus greatly creating the animalistic senses he posses today.

The first animals he befriended were a pride of black panthers. Treated as one of their cubs, he learnt the basics to stalking his prey, becoming quiet, nimble and fast in his steps.

Their ways were learnt until he was nine, the pride moved on and Mai’yr stayed in his beloved forest.

For years to come he took back to the trees and befriended all types of birds of prey, learning their ways of preception and accuracy when they hunt and kill.

At the age of fifteen he came across an injured young boar near death from an Elven arrow, and mending it’s wounds and stabilizing it’s condition, he instantly felt a strange covenant in the boars eyes as if an everlasting loyalty was suddenly gained. In an effort to complete this pact, he he set out to seek the hunter who had left the animal to suffer. With the arrow from the boar in hand, he tracked down the Elf’s campsite and mortally wounded the hunters arm in attempt to scare him out of the forest grounds. The Elf fled in a hurry, but not before exclaiming his revenge upon the boy. In succeeding, he managed to salvage a bow and quiver along with some general supples. Implementing his knowledge of animals and their hunting into the art of archery, he quickly became a deadly marksman and an unmatched predator. Now, along with his animal companion, Bael (Elven for ‘Guardian’), they quickly formed a bond and understanding of each other and tactically grew together in the art of war.

It wasn’t until three years later the Elf came back with six local hunters from Maelstrean, to seek justice on the boy and gain an upperhand on him.

Little did they know, in this forest that ‘boy’ was unmatched in his ability to hunt.

From the trees above he struck the Maelstream hunters two at a time with arrows while darting through the treetops, killing them swiftly and without pause. Until the Elf was the only one left. Striking an arrow into his leg and disabling him, he fell to the ground in agony.

.......In the distance, a fierce grunting and trodding of hooves can be heard.

Mai’yr lept to the ground, revealing himself and closed in on the Elf, keeping somewhat distant from his prey. “KILL ME! GO ON!! GET IT OVER WITH!”

Mai’yr, expressionless and without tone, spoke his homeland tongue for the first time in years: ‘It’s not my place to take your life, unless only to sustain my own survival. Such is the law of the land.’

Despite the unbearable pain the Elf manages to smile and a gleem of hope comes into his eyes. “You spare me? Praise Bahamut! Thank you!”

As Mai’yr walks away he speaks over his shoulder in a tone of deathly judgement “Fool…..I do not spare you, nature shall take it’s course.”

The off distant grunt was now a blood curdiling scream, and it was heading straight for him Before he could even turn to see, a fully grown boar charges into him, and plunging his razor sharp tusks straight into his chest, brings the hunt to its end.

“Bael feasts well tonight.”

Mai’yr sees not good nor bad, evil nor good. It is simply hunter and prey, survival or death. Such is nature and the law of the land…

Despite legend and lore, not much is known of that ‘boy’ today, and no hunter dares to enter the forest.

He is simply known to the locals as the Elven word “Mai’yr”, meaning Deathbringer.

Having now found purpose and sensing troubling times ahead, he now finds meaning in his life. The duo now for years and years drift from forest to forest in attempts to kill and thwart those who threaten the balence of nature. Those who kill merely for game and pleasure, not for survival and necessity.

The forests grow restless day by day, both animals and the forest itself sense dangerous times to come. Such is the divinity of mother natures eyes. He feels inclined to set his own eyes further then the forest alone, and seeks out what awaits the nearby lands in a hope to stop it.

In his most recent attempts of his mission, his boar Bael was captured by a group of Bugbears and taken back to Shadowfall Keep. Mai’yr has been tracking their every move in an attempt to rescue his friend to continue his quest…



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