Ryn Turwinkle

Happy-go-lucky, but mischievous gnome, harboring the damned powers of the fey


Hit Points: 35 Ability Scores: Str: 10 (+0) Con: 13 (+1) Dex: 11 (+0) Int: 16 (+3) Wis: 12 (+1) Cha: 18 (+4)

Skills: Arcana: 11 Bluff: 10 History: 9 Streetwise: 10

Initiative: 12

Armor Class: 16 Fortitude Defense: 12 Reflex Defense: 13 Will Defense: 16


Her Mother was an ranger, roaming far and wide serving the forest in any way she could. Raised by her mother, and not knowing her father, Ryn was taken on many adventures throughout the world.

Whilst on one of these adventures, they were accosted by a pack of worgs. Her mother managed to hide Ryn in a tree hollow before the worgs killed her. The vision of the worgs ripping her mother apart has made Ryn fearful of all dogs to this day.

After escaping from the hollow, Ryn wandered the wilderness for days before finding a group of refuges heading to the town of swynacre. Blending in she was allowed into the city, the guards thinking she was with one of the many families.

Nobody taking her in, Ryn resorted to petty crimes and coercion to keep fed and clothed. Soon after that underground thieves guild took Ryn in using her innate charms to their advantage.

Whilst on a mission for the guild she was attacked by an unknown group of humans and goblins. Surrounded, injured and overwhelmed, a fey spirit found her and offered a different existence in exchange for a vast range of information and knowledge. Signing a pact with the spirit, Ryn sees it grinning mischievously before she blacked out from her injuries.

Waking on the forest floor some time later, no wounds evident on her body, and the attackers all turned into desicated husks. The only evidence of my parlay with the spirit, my brown hair had changed to a vivid Blue.

Ryn returned to swynacre only to pick up her few things and leave, giving no information to employers or friends, in search of knowledge and power at her masters requst.

Ryn Turwinkle

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