Standard VI

A Warforged Warlord.


Standard VI was the sixth created Warforged Captain, designed to lead fully developed Warforged regiments into battle, allowing the construct armies a new level of tactical precision and coordination to work with their remarkable strength and endurance. As one of the first ‘batch’ of these magical constructs, Standard became a valuable asset to house Cannith (its creators) and was placed in higher positions, were its experience could be utilized to its fullest.

The House knew the advantage of the Warforged, they had no need for rest or sustenance, and thus they ordered them to fight without stop, until either they or the enemy was defeated, The House regarded them only as tools to be used.

After a particularity brutal and extended battle Standard stood alone on a pile of it’s enemies, blood dripped from the crevices of it’s steel face plate and sank into the gaps in it’s joints, this did not bother it, as it had seen such bloodshed for as long as it could recall existing, however it could not help but feel off-put by the silence of the field. There was no movement, none of it’s comrades nor its enemies remained, The Warforged had been taught to retrieve the bodies of their creators, and leave its fellow Warforged, but Standard found itself doubting the reason for this, its fellows, whom it had battled with for many seasons, had fought just as hard if not harder and died without question for their masters cause, did they not also deserve a burial?

When the observers from House Cannith looked upon the battlefield days after the gruesome encounter, they noticed only a lone construct, standing in front of row upon row of dirt mounds, all orderly in line of the same height. Armaments, blood and other signs of battle spotted the field but the bodies they belonged to were nowhere to be found, hostile, friendly and Warforged alike.

Too busy with the war to investigate this strange behavior further, the House continued to send Standard to the front line battles, each time it found itself caring more for the lives of its own people than that of its masters, choosing to keep some Warforged safe, while endangering the flesh-and-blood people of the house.

During a routine Patrol mission near the end of the war, Standard was charged with escorting some valuable House members across a possibly enemy infested area. As expected, during this travel, they were ambushed and quickly pinned by a superior enemy force.

Standard approached the House member in charge for orders and was told to take all the Warforged along with the civilian caravan and attack, allowing the House members to sneak away. Standard understood the plan, but found itself unwilling to initiate the strategy, many of the Warforged in its regiment had been fighting for seasons, had killed many enemies and were experienced warriors, it would be a waste to let them die so that these people, who had contributed only slightly to the war effort, could live, not only that, but the civilians did not deserve to die, shouldn’t their leaders sacrifice themselves for there people?

Standard approached the House members with this idea, but was dismissed, Standard insisted they reconsider, but they did not listen, they simply told the construct if it did not do it, they would be rid of it for another tool who could.

When Standard returned to the capital, it told them of the ambush, and of how the House Members had bravely offered their own lives so that the civilians may live, sending the Warforged with them, this was when Standard became its own master, and decided it served only its own justice. The house members were honored with the accolades of bravery, and the truth of Standard’s betrayal would never be discovered.

When the war ended, the Warforged gained their freedom, but Standard found himself unable to adjust to a life without battle. Its only skill, its only motivation, was to battle; and so without any reason to fight, it wandered. Looking for jobs, masters, trainers; any purpose. it worked in many roles: some just, some barbaric, some criminal.

After many Decades of travel, Standard arrived at a town called Maelstraen, where it met a human by the name of Brael, who offered to teach him what he knew of the land and of combat, if Standard would only stay for awhile.

Brael learned many new things from Standard, and Standard learned much from Brael. In return, Brael gave Standard a new purpose; what it had realised it always wanted: to unify its people. Standard spent almost a decade with Master Brael in Maelstraen, but after recieving word of a Warforged not far from the town, Standard thanked the townspeople and left on its quest. Although it was too late to find its brethren, it continued on its journey.

After many years Standard returned to Maelstraen but found the town razed to the ground. With no sign of Brael, and no other leads,it joined with group a of Brael’s students in the hopes of saving its former friend…

Standard VI

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